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Who is FF5?

"If you seek for justice in a world without laws,
we are the right men and women to be hired by you!"

Fox Force Five is the name of our flying squadron consisting of scoundrels, adventures and soldiers of fortune. Our Squadron was founded in Sky Haven in 1937. During our adventures we captured a zeppelin, the desperados cello, which is now our new home and gets us into the action around the world. We have informants and contacts in Sky Haven and Manhattan. Our key account is A.Z.C. (Advanced Zeppelin Constructions).
During our mission in Bejing the Desperados Cello was destroyed by the Communist Chinees Airfleet.

We are a bunch of Crimson Skies fans dedicated to the old boardgame by FASA. We are playing our pilots in an ongoing campaign, in which we add some RPG elements to get deeper into the world of CS. We created a lot of new content for this game, including rules, background informations and game maps. On this site we want to share our ideas to the CS community.

Mission Logbook

Our Logbook is only in German Language available!

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Desperado's Cello is the mobile Home of FF5. It is a 450 meters long zepplin.


Hier habe ich versucht alle Szenarien und ihre Meister aufzulisten. Diese Info ist ja nur für uns wichtig und deswegen nur auf deutsch.

2Money TrainHerbertMichi O.
3Überfall auf RaffinerieGutthyMichi O.
4Der ZeppelinklauDanielHerbert
5Sky Haven Canyonrun Turnament
+ Funrace Andi alleine
6Mojave Film CoupMichi vBGutthy
7Cains UrneHerbertGutthy
8Hawaii TeepartyMichi O.Gutthy
9Bombing RunDanielMichi vB
10ReingelegtKrautiMichi vB
11Yankees VS IndiansHerbertAndi
12Texas Bulls RideMichi O.Gutthy
13The Mad ScientistDanielMichi vB
14Hidden BasesAndiKrauti
15Der Sky Haven ConvoyGutthyMichi O.
16Rescue the EmperorHerbertDaniel
17The Voyage HomeHerbertDaniel
18Booze SmugglingMichael v.B.Andi
19Precise DeliveryKrautiAndi
21The Amazing New York Theater Spectacular - Part 1AndiMichi
22The Amazing New York Theater Spectacular - Part 2AndiMichi
23???? Zeppelin Sabotage ????DanielKrauti