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Last Update: 4. May 2013

Montanaraiders.com is online again!

Released Aeronaut 1.1.0 Beta 01 -->

Note on beta 1:

I changed the file formats for aircrafts, pilots, and loadouts. So if you load and save one of these your old files become automaticly converted and can no longer used by a previous Aeronaut version!

Breaking News Montanaraiders.com:

Since a few days the website and forums of Montanaraider.com are down. I am not sure if there is only a temporary problem or if the last CS only forum has been abandoned. But I hope Grant will fix it soon and we can discuss about CS again.

Released Aeronaut 1.1.0 Alpha 03 -->
Bombers and cargo planes are now printable.

Released Aeronaut 1.1.0 Alpha 02 -->

Aeronaut: Alpha 02

Before I add the new Bomber/Cargo print sheets I had to adjust the existing print layouts. This is done now, and I hope the adjustments work well with US Letter format, which made some trouble. Also I finaly added the import feature for CADET planes!

Released Aeronaut 1.1.0 Alpha 01 -->

Aeronaut: Alpha 01

Alpha 01 of version 1.1.0 covers most of the construction features for Bombers.
The crew setup, and the bomb/cargo loadout is not implemented yet. Printing Bombers/cargos does also not work yet.

On last saturday (23.2.) we played Crimson Skies again!
Aeronaut 1.0.2 for Crimson Skies released -->

Aeronaut: State of Development

I found a solution to add the new BTN systematic for Bombers and Cargos without breaking the existing data (especially the planes).


Aeronaut 1.0.1 for Crimson Skies released -->

Aeronaut 1.0.0 for Crimson Skies released -->
Cleaned up the links page -->

Aeronaut: State of Development

Finally version 1.0.0 is out!
So what's next ?

As you can see in version 1.0.0 there are some changes for the upcoming "Bombers & Zeppelin" Sourcebook (visit the Montana Raiders forums for further information on that). And I am working on the bomber print sheets right now.

Minor changes in the Aeronaut section -->

Removed the Webring since it brakes up the page.

Aeronaut becomes open source on github: http://github.com/HerbertV/Aeronaut


Aeronaut 0.9.4 for Crimson Skies released -->

Aeronaut: State of Development

As you see it's not version 1.0, as I said before. But I hope you won't be disappointed. Due to lack of sparetime the Aeronaut development is stalling a little bit, but I won't abandon the project!

The flavor sheet will take a little bit longer, but you can import blueprints now. I also added the special characteristics validation for aircrafts.

A small note to the blueprints:
Use a transparent GIF or PNG size 465x328 pixel (72dpi). Draw your lines in black or gray and leave the rest transparent. The orginal image is later used for printing the flavor sheet and your image will be converted into white color for the editor view.


The custom map section was split into several area pages, to decrease the load speed and less scrolling. Also a new maps are added to the map section:
Little Italy for Manhattan -->
and a few new clouds -->

Aeronaut: State of Development

I am working on Aeronaut version 1.0 right now. The reported bugs are removed, but if you have found a new one in version 0.9.3 please report it to me. The special characteristics validation is in work and also the flavor sheet for the aircrafts. Its hard to say when the new version is exactly released but I think end of February is possible.

Aeronaut 0.9.3 for Crimson Skies released -->

Aeronaut 0.9.2 for Crimson Skies released -->


Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!
The Aeronaut open beta has started, you can download version 0.9.1 now -->
I hope you enjoy it!

But be patient, until Jan. 7th. 2010 I am on holiday and have no access to my emails. So please don't be angry if I don't respond to your mails until Jan 7th.

New Screenshoots of Aeronaut added -->

A new section in our main menu is now active, the AERONAUT.
Take a first look on the new upcoming CS Aircraft Tool -->
Aeronaut open beta will start on December 24th 2009!

Small changes/updates in the Corporation section -->

I finally finished the feat list in our House Rule section -->.
Which will be essential for the upcomming surprise Andreas has mentioned before ;)
So stay tuned!

Fox Force Five is now accessible via www.foxforcefive.de/cs.
Please update your bookmarks!


A very special Christmas Gift
for all Fans of the FASA Boardgame Version of Crimson Skies!

Our very own Herbert „Mad MaxX“ (Webmaster of this site) is a gifted programmer, currently working on a tool we FASA Crimson Skies Boardgame Fans have been waiting for a long time now!

If all goes well, a public beta will be released right before christmas,
so better stay tuned – more infos will come

- Andreas „Stroker Ace“

Brace yourself for 6 Weeks of pure Crimson Skies!

Beginning in a few days at
November 29th till January 15th

will be hosting a special project with lots of Crimson Skies events! Starting off with a Crimson Skies PC Online meeting, the project will include the release of a new Sourcebook (from their site admin Grant), modfied Aircrafts, lots of contests (with prizes!), and even a Q&A with the creator behind Crimson Skies, Mister Jordan Weisman himself and much more!

To learn all about it, head on over to the Forums of the Montana Raiders and be sure not to forget to take your fellow wingmen with you!

About the Montana Raiders:

One of the very few still alive fan-sites of the Crimson Skies games, people from all around the world are gathered in a very active forum discussing all kinds of rules, fiction, timelines and much more. The UK based site can be found at www.montanaraiders.com. One of the best places to be for all your Crimson Skies needs.

About the Crimson Skies PC game:

Timeslip, a mod programmer (Oblivion), created a fan-fix for the Microsoft PC game from 2000. Now you can play this classic again on modern computers!
Find the patch here (left side menu, scroll down) and the dicussion about it on the nVidia Forums here.

In the making: Crimson Skies: Radio Liberty!

Crimson Skies: Radio Liberty is a new fan-produced audio drama produced by
“Igor de L'Stok“ from Silvertongue Productions (Australia). It will be a three episode, proof of concept, mini-series to be released at monthly intervals, based on the premise of a news programme broadcast by a radio station on a night club / casino zeppelin called the Pascal.

Learn more about this exciting project at Silvertongue Productions.

Small site update (Links and News)

1.8.2009 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Zepplin Sabotage ???
Meister: Daniel Co-Meister: Krauti


Version 1.1 of our Crimson Skies Guide to Zeppelins is out and also a first preview of the english version is now available with construction rules completely translated! Look in our download area -->

Our revised rulebooks are now available in german. The english versions will follow soon, starting with the Zepplin Guide. Also the new record sheets and blueprints for Zeppelins are aviable (in english!!). Look in our download area -->

Added 5 new zeppelin counter in our download section. -->

The second set of Sky Vegas Maps released, the lower side of the center disks. -->

- Updates in our house rule section, rules for clouds and turbines and some Feats translated. -->
- Small changes in the world of CS section (milita/pirates). -->

- New Version "Kunstflieger und Zeppeline" (v1.40) -->
- The Secret Map Set is out: Viva Sky Vegas (with new maps and a work-version of its compendium) -->

16.8.2008 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: The Amazing New York Theater Spectacular - Part 2
Meister: Andi Co-Meister: Michi

Improved gallery handling for our counters and maps
Added an icon overview to the obstacle house rule.
Translated the tunnel obstacle rule.


- Updated Housrules, new feats translated and new EP rules for Obstacles. -->
- "Kunstflieger und Zeppeline" (v1.34) -->
- "Pilotenasse und Pistoleros" (v1.0.12) -->

8.12.2007 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: The Amazing New York Theater Spectacular - Part 1
Meister: Andi Co-Meister: Michi

One new bridge for Manhattan and two balloon counters for Air Races added. -->

Today a lot of new Stuff was added to our download section:
- 2 new pirate zeppelin counters, the Pandora and the Huntress -->
- 4 new maps, 3 for Manhattan and 1 for Hollywood -->
- "Kunstflieger und Zeppeline" (v1.33) with example stats for zeppelins -->

World of CS updated, with the alternate history timeline and small updates in all other subsections. -->

Logbook (new mission) and GM list updated.
More Houserules translated.
World of CS expanded. Since Crimson Skies Universe is gone, there will be more infos with future updates.

Ever wondering why there is this dragon cave map in our map section? Now you get the answer! See the rules for dragons in our house rule section and download the counters.
And your pilots will be scared by this ancient monster!
Also some other rules were added to the houserule section.

This time a new tile set is introduced, no not that one with the dark sky ;)
It is Hollywood, and it is designed in the same way as you know it from our Manhattan tile set. So look at our Map Section and enjoy the new maps.
Also our Logbook has now new pictures.

Today I uploaded new versions of:
- "Kunstflieger und Zeppeline" (v1.32) with updated rules and infos
- "Manhattan Map Appendix" (v1.1) with new rules for upcomming Manhattan Maps
and also:
- new zeppelin counters are ready for download.

And thanks to all our visitors who wrote us! It is good to know that CS is not dead. :D

Back in business! The Countdown for the next takeoff begins!
I updated the link page. More and more CS pages becoming obsolete :(

Finally the first new content update for over 2 years.
I hope there is still someone out there playing CS!

So what's new:
I added a bunch of new zeppelin counters and a new generic map, that gives a hint of the new upcoming mapset.

Small Update to say great things are coming ;)
And I finally added some Meta Tags for the search engines to our index page.

I wish everyone a happy Halloween!


We are still flying!

I removed some obsolete Links. A new scenario is announced and new content will follow soon!

See you, Air Cowboys!


The National Air Races Sublement by Jason Tudor added to our download section.

13.11.2005 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: ???
Meister: Frank Co-Meister: Krauti

Complete page reload: After a server crash some of our files were lost on this server. But now all is fixed again.

29.5.05 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Precise Delivery
Meister:KrautiCo-Meister: Andreas

Three new Manhattan harbour maps added in our map section.

Two new Manhattan maps added (bridge and skyway).


Oktober 2004 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Booze Smuggling
Meister: Michael v.B. Co-Meister: Andreas

Updates im Tagebuch und der Meisterliste.

26.9.2004 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: The Voyage Home
Meister: Herbert Co-Meister: Daniel

Now the Bejing Forbidden City Maps from our latest Szenario "Rescue the Emperor" are for download availible.

9.5.2004 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Rescue the Emperor
Meister: Herbert Co-Meister: Daniel

8.2.2004 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Der Sky Haven Convoy
Meister: Gutthy Co-Meister: Michi O.

Now you can fly over the Wallstreet, with the new Wallstreet Manhattan Map!

Small changes in World of Crismon Skies. 4 new Manhattan maps, including a new bridge and the Daughters of Liberty HQ.


Updated Sky Haven Map 8 and 13. Added the new Sky Haven Map Set 3.

We successfully joined the CS Webring!
Two new maps added (by Andreas) from our last Mission "Hidden Bases", the Green Valley and the Desert Valley.

Die Neuen Versionen von "Pilotenasse und Pistoleros" und "Kunstflieger und Zeppelintaktiken" sind online. Die Ruhige Hand Regel wurde dabei wieder geändert und das Feat Ace Of Aces kostet jetzt weniger!

16.11.2003 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Hidden Bases
Meister: Andi Co-Meister: Krauti

Stroker Ace Picture added in the logbook. Obstacle Rule translated and added to our house rules section. Subnavigation changed now it is clearer how to use it.

Neuer Spieltermin steht für November fest. Die Meister sind auch schon gefunden.
2 new Harbour Maps for Manhattan added.

28.9.2003 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: The Mad Scientist
Meister: Daniel Co-Meister: Michi vB.

Manhattan Map Mayhem! I have finished the Zeppelin Dome Maps.

New Manhattan Maps added.

Kleine Inhaltliche und Rechtschreibfehler im Logbuch geändert, auf die mich Gutthy hingewiesen hat. Neue Versionen der "Kunstflieger und Zeppelin" und "Pilotenasse und Pistoleros" Erweiterungen hochgeladen. Passend dazu gibt es jetzt ein neues Pilot Roster Exelsheet.
Und es steht nach langem endlich wieder ein Spieltermin fest!!

Neue Version von Pilotenasse und Pistoleros online. Dank Michi!

Logbook updated. Our last Mission (12) is now aviable.

New Maps: 2nd Sky Heaven Map Set and some generic maps added.

Big Map Day! One Manhattan Map and the first Sky Heaven Map Set added in our download section.

Small changes in the World of Crimson Skies section.

A new game map added to our download section.

Fox Force Five has its own subdomain! The Fox Force Five Crimson Skies Webpage is now aviable at foxforcefive.nutz.de !

Another Late Night Update:
Gamemaps in our download section are now with thumbsnails. Also National Airraces PDF by Jason Tudor added, cause he deleted his sublement from his page.

Late Night Update:
World of CS Flashmap Filesize reduced form 3MB to 500 KB.
New Logbook feature added and Logbook size reduced.

New Dowloads aviable

Big Update Time!
6 new Manhattan Maps added.
Update im Logbuch Mission 11
die Meisterliste im FF5 Bereich ist neu dabei!

26.1.2003 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Texas Bulls Ride
Meister: Michi O. Co-Meister: Gutthi

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
As a small Christmas gift a new Manhattan Map was added.


Map-of-the-Week-Day: Four new maps in the download section added. Because I have forgotten it the last two Weeks.

In our WoCS Section a brief overview about the companies of 1937 was added. Also the Worldmap was updated to v1.12 where you can get now a brief information about the cities by clicking on them.

Version 1.22 des Kunstfliegerhandbuchs online. Hier sind nun die neuen Regeln zum Thema wann ist ein Pilot Seasond drin (unter dem Punkt Feat: Nahkämpfer). Desweiteren ist die Regel mit den KO Punkten im Nahkampf aus dem letzten Szenario drin.

Map-of-the-Week-Day: Two new maps in the download section added.
New Links added. Worldmap size increased to 1000x700.

Worldmap updated to v1.1. Handling for draging and zooming increased.

New Design by Andy and relaunch. New Text added in Mission Report 8.

17.11.2002 -- Crimson Skies Spieltag
Szenario: Indians VS Yankees
Meister: Herbert Co-Meister: Andy