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What is Crimson Skies

"The planes are faster, the engines are bigger,
the guns are more powerful, and the women more beautiful."

Welcome to the world of Crimson Skies

The year is 1937. The United States has shattered under the weight of the Great Depression, regional Prohibition and mounting isolationism. The transcontinental railroad and the budding highway system have become useless as they now cross hostile borders. Commerce and trade leave the ground as air travel—once a national obsession—now becomes a vital lifeline connecting allied countries. Giant zeppelins crisscross the skies, carrying both passengers and cargo. It is a time of gunship diplomacy and airship piracy. It is the age of the fighter pilot and a time of daredevil adventure and sinister intrigue. It is the world of Crimson Skies

So, what is Crimson Skies?
The Crimson Skies Universe is based on an air-combat board game set in an alternate history. In Crimson Skies, the year is 1937, the United States has fractured into a number of squabbling nation-states, and daredevil adventures are commonplace (much like the pulp novels and serial cliffhangers of the 1930s and 40s).

This America fell in love with the airplane, not the automobile, and a number of unusual and exotic aircraft designs can be found in this environment. Dastardly villains, beautiful air-privateers and valiant militia forces battle for control of the skies over fractured North America.

What is the Boardgame Like?
Crimson Skies is a fast-playing game, with a focus on streamlined rules to maximize players' enjoyment. Players are encouraged to develop not only a powerful aircraft, but also a colorful pilot. The board game was developed by FASA and is out-of-print!

Crimson Skies is © 2002 by Microsoft Corporation.

All informations found in this sections (and the other pages) are fictional, even though some informations are based on historical data. So don't be confused if some informations are altered to our real history. Because all informations here belong to the alternate timeline and universe of Crimson Skies.